How to choose the right languages for your localization process | Polish Localisation

  • How to choose the right languages for your localization process

      Without localization, your digital product won’t succeed in the global market. But with so many languages spoken around the world, how do you choose the right ones for your localization efforts? How to make sure your choices will bring the desired return on investment? There are many strategies you can follow, but no matter [...]

  • Five steps to successful mobile app localization

        The mobile app industry is growing at the speed of light. According to the App Annie Report over 218 billion new apps were downloaded last year across the world and the mobile users paid as much as $143 billion for apps and in-app products.   When the average user spends nearly 4 hours [...]

  • When is the right time to localize your mobile app?

    With all the hype surrounding mobile apps and localization you might be asking yourself if localizing your app is something that you really need to do to be successful. How to recognize that it’s the right time to localize your product? And what factors should you take into account before deciding to take that step? [...]

  • 3 signs that you need to localize your mobile app

    Are you having a hard time marketing your mobile app? Or maybe it’s not performing as well as you hoped it would? It might be time to consider another strategy such as localization to pave the way for higher download rate and more profit. Don’t wait until it’s too late and have a look at [...]

  • How to make your mobile app localization smooth

    If you want to increase the reach of your app and attract international users, localization is the way to go. From choosing the right target audience, through finding suitable localization partners, to promoting the app on the foreign market – there are many steps that can go wrong or sabotage your efforts. To make sure [...]


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