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  • How to make your Web 3.0 product more global-friendly?

        Web 3.0 will be a part of everyone’s reality in the not-too-distant future. With more brands tapping into the new technology, individuals getting hooked on metaverse experiences, and widespread use of cryptocurrency, Web 3.0 will become as irreplaceable as Web 2.0. By 2026, 25% of people will spend an hour in the metaverse. Bankless [...]

  • Looptopia and AO Adventure: When Web 3 Localization Goes Wrong

    Imagine someone told you about an amazing virtual experience designed by your favorite brand. Excited, you fire your machine, open Decentraland, Roblox, or another metaverse platform, and then… You quickly leave confused. Not because you dislike the world created by the brand, but because you can’t figure out what the text on the screen means. It’s not [...]

  • How to create accessible metaverse experiences

        The metaverse is not a temporary fad. Its death might have been proclaimed several times already, but it’s still alive and kicking. It simply needs to be more accessible. According to the recent Capgemini survey, more than 90% of adult consumers are curious about the metaverse. They’re ready to learn more about it, [...]

  • How to localize decentralized apps?

          The popularity of decentralized apps is growing rapidly. From trading through gaming to marketplaces – there is a dApp for everything. Apart from great features, user-friendly interface, and smart marketing campaigns there’s one more step dApp creators can take to reach a wider audience. Invest in localization.   The current state of [...]

  • Localization in the metaverse: the future is now

      How to make the metaverse experience more inclusive? And what does localization have to do with it?     From the linguistic perspective, metaverse goes beyond (“meta”) the universe, building multiple duplicates of the universe that reflect in one another. It aims to create an embodied, immersive version of the internet, offering experiences that [...]


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