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3 signs that you need to localize your mobile app

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Are you having a hard time marketing your mobile app? Or maybe it’s not performing as well as you hoped it would? It might be time to consider another strategy such as localization to pave the way for higher download rate and more profit.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and have a look at these three warning signs that will help you recognize that it’s the right time to localize your mobile app.

1. Dropping download rate and decreasing sales on your home market

If your app was launched quite successfully, but after a while your download and sales figures on your home market came to a standstill, your app definitely needs a proper boost. You can invest in more ads, create a new social media campaign, revamp the layout or add some new features, or simply take your mobile app on a global adventure.

Your home market might be already saturated and reaching out to users abroad could be much easier than searching for new opportunities locally. In this case, you’ll need to define your new target groups and make sure your app is adjusted to their language, culture, navigation pattern and preferences.

2. Increasing number of users from abroad

Even if your app is available in one language only (e.g. in English), your users are probably located in many different countries and regions. Once you notice that particular geographies are more active than others, it might be the right time to add new languages and improve the experience of your users.

This will help you fully exploit the potential of your app on the new markets and reach to customers who don’t understand English. So, keep an eye on the location of your users, track where the highest number of downloads and sales come from and then pick the most active regions to localize your mobile app to their needs.

3. Receiving more reviews in local languages

By monitoring reviews you can easily recognize the strong and weak points of your product. After a while you may notice a new pattern, such as a growing number of negative remarks from users located in a specific region or more reviews in languages that are not supported by your app.

Again, this might be the sign that you need to focus more on other countries. Your foreign users might be simply unhappy that they can’t use your product in their native language or they might enjoy the general functionality and layout of your app but can’t fully benefit from it due to the language or cultural barriers. With proper localization you’ll be able to meet their needs, improve their user experience and make sure those nasty reviews and complaints about supported languages won’t come back again.



Of course, these signs can also indicate other problems with your mobile app, but if you are struggling to turn a profit or fly high on your home market, then you certainly need to reevaluate your marketing strategy. Mobile app localization might be your way out of trouble that can ensure higher profits and better user experience.

About the author: Dorota Pawlak
Dorota Pawlak is a localization consultant for digital and Web 3.0 brands. She enjoys helping businesses enter new markets and is passionate about cultures, languages, and technology.

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