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From mobile app localisation to cultural adaptation of websites and tailored intercultural communication courses – here you can see some examples of our services.

Localization of an e-commerce website

We helped to localize a British e-commerce website into Polish, Spanish and German. Information about the company, available payment systems, prices, colors and some pictures were adapted to the target cultures to ensure a better user experience. The product descriptions and other texts were translated into the respective languages. We also advised our customer on the clothing preferences of their target group in Poland, Spain and Germany to make it easier to display tailored banners and ads.

Localization of an IT website

Our customer, a middle-sized Dutch IT company, was looking for Polish localization of their website. Using an internal content management system, we helped to translate the texts about services, products and the brand, and advised on how to tweak the layout to the way Polish users navigate websites.

Successful communication in multicultural teams

In this consulting session we instructed our customer, an international medium-sized company, on how to exert more cultural sensitivity in daily interaction with multicultural teams. We analyzed differences in communication and business values in India, the Netherlands, Poland, USA, Spain, Germany and Austria and talked about managing conflicts. Our customer learned what methods and strategies can be applied to bridge the cultural gap and ensure a friendly and open atmosphere. 

How to do business in Morocco

One of our coaching sessions created on the special request of our customer was about business and negotiations in Morocco. We helped our customer to understand typical assumptions, negotiations patterns and business values in Morocco to adapt to the local communication style.

Localization of a cooking app

We collaborated with an independent app developer to adjust a cooking app to the Dutch and Polish market. In the localization process we adapted not only the language, but also measurements, images and payment process for the in-app store. We also shared our tips on how to modify the graphics and featured recipes to tailor them to the taste and preferences of Dutch and Polish users.

How to deliver effective business presentations

This course helped our customers to adapt their presentations to their foreign audience, e.g. German, American, Finnish or Dutch partners. The session covered items such as powerful openings and conclusions, effective presentation structure and audience expectations.

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