Localization of mobile apps

Localization of mobile apps

Do you want to turn your mobile app into an international success? We will help you adapt it to the language and culture of your target users. In this way you will improve your chances for increased downloads and higher revenue!

Take your mobile app on a global journey

Launching your mobile app in a global market and reaching to new users, especially with a different cultural and linguistic background, doesn’t have to be complicated. Localization and cultural adaptation of your app content, app title, app store description and search keywords will help you tap into new markets and gain popularity and new fans abroad.

We provide mobile app localization services in the following languages: Polish, German, English, Dutch and Spanish.

Localizing a mobile app isn’t limited to changing the language only. Images, colors, measurements, as well as expectations, needs and common assumptions of your end users also have to be taken into account. That’s how you can take your mobile app on a successful global journey.

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