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Polish Localisation works with specialists in the filed of intercultural communication and localisation. We collaborate with professional freelance translators, engineers and trainers to cater for the needs of our customers. Below you can find out more about our core management team.

Managing Director & Head of Localisation Team
Dorota Pawlak

Dorota is the founder and managing director of Polish Localisation. She also manages the localisation team, ensuring smooth communication between localisers, engineers, translators and customers. As a qualified translator and localiser Dorota is passionate about cultures, languages and technology. She had run her translation business for 8 years and then decided to take her entrepreneurial adventure to the next level, helping individuals and organisations communicate across the borders.

Head of Intercultural Communication Team
Monika Zatylny

Monika manages the intercultural communication team. Before joining Polish Localisation she had gained experience providing Multilingual Customer Service for various international companies across Europe, which made her realise how challenging it is to run a business for those who struggle to communicate across languages and cultures without any linguistic and cultural-diversity awareness. In order to help businesses and individuals cope with the expectations of the modern, globalising world, Monika designes a series of Linguistic and Intercultural Communication Trainings which she delivers in-company and online.

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