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Building relations with partners and customers abroad requires thorough research and preparation. To achieve your business goals first you’ll need to consider any linguistic and cultural differences. To get your message across, you need to know their perspective!

Your viewpoint matters

But so does the perspective of your partners and customers around the world. You don’t have to spend hours to figure out how your Polish, Moroccan or Spanish prospects may react to your business ideas or whether your Indian or Dutch partners will share your mindset. At Polish Localisation we’ll help you localise and adapt your website or mobile application to your target group.

In this way we’ll prepare you for cultural challenges and help you discover the habits, and communication patterns of your foreign partners and customers.

By helping you to develop intercultural communication skills and become a better listener, we’ll provide you with the tools required to succeed on the international marketplace. Effective communication and marketing content tuned to your audience are the starting points of any thriving relationship and business across borders.

Who we are?

Polish Localisation helps businesses, organisations and individuals with successful communication across cultures. Founded in 2016, we are based in the Netherlands and work with clients from all over the world. Our localisation services, online and one-to-one training and consulting consistently contribute to better and more effective communication between people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

What we do?

We work with small, medium and big businesses, organisations and individuals who want to ensure that their communication is smooth and efficient, regardless of cultural differences and language barriers. Whether it’s entering a new market, interacting with customers with a different cultural background or negotiations with foreign partners, we can help you adjust your website or marketing materials, improve your interaction skills and avoid painful misunderstandings. We do it by providing intercultural training, cross-cultural communication consulting and localisation services.

How we do it?

Each training session or consultancy meeting is tailored to the requirements of our customers. Before our collaboration starts, we’ll analyse your goals, communication methods and challenges. In this way we’ll be able to provide you with effective strategies for communication and business across borders. Our courses and consulting are delivered both online or in person, depending on your expectations and schedule. Our localisation and cultural adaptation services are also customised to your needs: we’ll help you adjust your website or mobile application to your target audience to ensure better engagement of your users and customers.

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