Localize your social media to grow your business

Localize your social media to grow your business


Social media localization



Your brand can’t afford to ignore the power of social media. Especially if you plan to grow your business abroad.


About 45% of users turn to social media to discover products or services. The main role plays Instagram, where about 80% users keep exploring new brands and businesses.


It’s clear.


Your business has to be there too.

Many companies that embark on an international journey forget to spicy up their social media presence. They ignore the power of social media localization and find it difficult to connect with their international users.


Why is localization of social media so critical to your international success?


Have a look at these main benefits:



1. Engage with your consumers around the world


Your users will respond to your content only if they can understand it.

Posting updates in the language of your customers will help you increase their comfort level and invite them to interact with your brand.


Not everyone feels comfortable to engage with brands in English or any other non-native language. If your users don’t understand what you share, they won’t react. To get the most out of the social features, you need to convince your users to actively respond to your content, not just to hit the ‘Like’ button.


Localizing your social profiles to the language and culture of your target users will help you achieve this goal. The more your users understand, the more they can participate in your conversations and keep commenting, asking questions, sharing, retweeting, reposting or repinning your content.


That’s how you can truly connect with your consumers and understand their expectations.



2. Increase your website traffic


The more you engage with your users on social media in their language, the more chances you have to attract them to your multilingual website.


When you post new content in the native language of your consumers, you send a very clear message: your users will be able to browse your website in their preferred language. Your brand becomes more approachable and your products or services seem to be more compelling.


So, if your website is localized, show it to the world and localize your social media as well. That’s how you can attract the right people to the right pages.



3. Customize your content


The best way to engage with your consumers across the world is to talk specifically to them. General social media posts targeted at everyone aren’t as powerful as customized messages. When you post updates on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with the cultural context familiar to your users, you’re more likely to stand out from the crowd.


For example, you can run promotions for the regional holidays or offer discounts for local events. This will show that your brand knows the reality of its users, which builds trust and leads to more engagement.


Localized social media profiles also create better customer experience, which in turn helps to gain more brand ambassadors in different regions.



4. Increase your revenue


Finally, when you can engage with your users and attract them to your website, you’re more likely to close more sales.


According to Sprout Social Index, 91% of users who follow a brand on social media, will also visit its website or app. And as many as 89% of them will buy from that brand.


To be in the lucky group of brands that receive so much attention, you need to make sure your content is powerful enough. Creative videos and unique photos won’t cut it if your users fail to understand the message.


Adjusting your social media content to the language and culture of your users will help you gain the trust and loyalty that you need to be able to turn your users into buyers.



Social media localization isn’t a magic wand that will help you quickly reach for the stars. But once you invest money, time and effort into creating great multilingual content, you’ll open the door to endless business growth opportunities.


Over to you

How will you make sure your international users keep interacting with your brand on social media?




About the author: Dorota Pawlak
Dorota Pawlak is a localization consultant for digital and Web 3.0 brands. She enjoys helping businesses enter new markets and is passionate about cultures, languages, and technology.

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