Dorota Pawlak

  • How to choose the right languages for your localization process

      Without localization, your digital product won’t succeed in the global market. But with so many languages spoken around the world, how do you choose the right ones for your localization efforts? How to make sure your choices will bring the desired return on investment? There are many strategies you can follow, but no matter [...]

  • How to localize your images with AI

        Local content is powerful. It can turn your one-time visitors into loyal consumers. However, to make your content local it’s not enough to localize your website into multiple languages or adapt your product package for different countries. Culturally specific visuals play a key role too. Images with the local touch are usually more [...]

  • Your virtual store can conquer the world. This is how.

        Virtual stores work like a magnet.   They have a potential to attract a wide array of users from all corners of the world. Whether you sell clothes, music, beauty products or experiences – there are million of users ready to explore your digital exhibitions, delve into mini-games, talk to your virtual assistants, [...]

  • What is localization and why Web 3.0 needs it

      Web 3.0 is like a pizza.   You can find it in every part of the world but it’s not the same everywhere you go.    Imagine you’ve developed an amazing new recipe for a pizza. Everyone in your neighborhood loves it. As your popularity grows, so does your appetite. After a while, you [...]


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