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How to make your Web 3.0 product more global-friendly?


Web 3.0 will be a part of everyone’s reality in the not-too-distant future.

With more brands tapping into the new technology, individuals getting hooked on metaverse experiences, and widespread use of cryptocurrency, Web 3.0 will become as irreplaceable as Web 2.0.

By 2026, 25% of people will spend an hour in the metaverse. Bankless Times predicts that Web 3.0 will reach a value of over 80 billion dollars in seven years. It seems global adoption is not such an unreal concept.

However, to make it feasible, a couple of gaps must be filled first. The road to global adoption is long. It includes steps such as solving regulatory issues, educating potential users on the benefits of Web 3.0, or building a more stable and user-friendly infrastructure.

But there’s one key item that can help speed up this process.
Global-friendly content.
What does global-friendly content mean?
If you want your digital product to be globally successful, you need content that will resonate with your large and diverse target audience. There’s no such thing as a one-fit-all solution, so you’ll need to adapt your user interface to be able to attract customers from around the world. One “universal” product won’t meet the needs of the whole world. That’s where global-friendly content comes in.


Three tips for building global-friendly Web 3.0

How to make sure your decentralized apps, metaverse experiences, or digital collections are engaging for global users? How to make your product more familiar, more entertaining, and more irresistible?


1. Make it culturally specific

People love what they know. If your users come from diverse cultural backgrounds, why not use their culture to your benefit?

You can create metaverse experiences based on other cultures like LaLigaLand did by creating Chinese New Year celebrations in Decentraland, or you can add visuals showing local landmarks and landscapes like Volkswagen South Africa did when they teleported the streets of Johannesburg into their Mzansiverse.

That’s a proven way to thrill your users. It will help you connect with them on a deeper level. Referring to the local culture also shows that you care and understand your users’ reality.


2. Make it entertaining

It’s easier to attract global users if you know about their passions. To make your Web 3.0 product more global-friendly, try to offer something that will unite and connect them.


For example, music or sports events can become your effective magnet. You can create experiences based on popular championships or invite international stars to your events. That’s what Australian Open did by launching AO Adventure in Roblox which earned as many as 120,000 visits in the first day alone. The first Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival held in 2021 is another great example. Stars such as Paris Hilton or Alison Wonderland helped to attract 50,000 unique users during this four-day event.


3. Make it understandable

No matter how immersive your Web 3.0 product is, your users will interact with your content only if they can understand it. Building for global users means building with language barriers in mind.

Not everyone understands English, so make sure your UI strings are in the language of your target audience. Localize your content to let your users focus on the experience. Otherwise, they’ll fail to explore all your amazing features and struggle with menus, options, commands, or setting screens. There’s nothing worse than unclear texts, so ensure no strings are left untranslated. If your product displays both English and the local language on the same screen, your users will probably leave it disappointed and confused.


To attract global consumers you need to make sure your content resonates with their needs. To achieve this, you can build engagement, speak their language, and embrace their culture to make your Web 3.0 experience as immersive as possible.

Are you ready for the global journey?


About the author: Dorota Pawlak
Dorota Pawlak is a localization consultant for digital and Web 3.0 brands. She enjoys helping businesses enter new markets and is passionate about cultures, languages, and technology.

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