Monika Zatylny

  • How to communicate and work well with people from different cultures

    You’re in the meeting and openly express your negative feedback about the results of your colleague’s project. Your colleague seems shocked and after the meeting rushes quickly out of the room. It could be just the clash of personalities, but if you both come from different countries, chances are that you’ll have a different attitude [...]

  • Why the hot-desk open space offices aren’t a great idea

    A quick online search search shows hundreds of publications on how open office space is synonymous with the spread of disease and ceaseless distractions. Designed to foster collaboration, it is now more often associated with the decrease in productivity and employee well-being and the increase in the number of sick days workers take. But regardless [...]

  • Why do we hate Mondays?

    We all know that feeling – there is that one day of the week when the sound of the alarm clock is particularly irritating… We get ourselves a big cup of coffee, a bit stronger than on other days, only to start our day browsing through social media and seeing memes of even bigger and [...]


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