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4 reasons why you need a culturally adapted website

culutPreparing your business for a new market entry can be a long and challenging process. From market research, through marketing campaigns to product pricing – there’s definitely a lot to do to make sure your company will be successful abroad.

One important ingredient of your market presence is a website. But not just any universal website that you could use for all customers and markets. You’ll need a locally adapted website that is aligned to the needs and expectations of your customers in every single country. Below you can see four reasons why a culturally adapted website can help to expand your business:

1. It will help you ensure local presence

A universal layout for every language version won’t be enough to convey a powerful message and establish your brand abroad. To build and expand your local presence on the new market you’ll need to adapt your website to the local customs and traditions. A good example of such adaptation is featuring special promotions or new product versions for local holidays. A description or calendar with local events where your brand is present is also a good idea to highlight your activity in the specific country. From colours, through images to layout and content – you can adjust every single element of your website to the culture and expectations of your potential customers. In this way your brand will be able to gain trust and loyalty of your users and potential customers.


2. It will lead to higher conversion rates

A translated and localised website that is tailored to the way your target users make decisions when buying a product will also help you close more sales. For example, in countries with high risk avoidance level (e.g. Germany) you may want to add more numbers and statistics about your brand to build trust. Extra pages or information published on the localised website to satisfy your customer’s needs means that you’ll be more likely to convert your random users into regular customers and eventually increase your sales.

3. You’ll gain competitive advantage

A fully culturally adapted website is also a good way to stay ahead of your competition. Reaching out to potential customers via website or social media is a part of every marketing campaign, but you can go a step further and redesign your website layout. With a different website version for a different market you’ll increase your chances to stand out from the crowd.

4. You’ll have more business opportunities

Once your culturally adapted website reaches more users and increases its local presence, you’ll be also more likely to find new business opportunities. And this may happen not only on one market, but in as many markets as your localised website can reach. From new business partners, new suppliers to new ideas on how to enhance your market presence – a culturally adapted website can help you grow and open up many exciting opportunities.

It’s never too late or too early to adapt your website to a new market and different culture to impress your users, gain loyal followers and customers.

Now it’s your turn! Are you planning to adapt your website to other markets? What do you think are other benefits of a culturally adapted website?


About the author: Dorota Pawlak
Dorota Pawlak is a localization consultant for digital and Web 3.0 brands. She enjoys helping businesses enter new markets and is passionate about cultures, languages, and technology.

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