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3 reasons why start-ups should consider mobile app localisation in 2017

The beginning of a new year is a good time to plan your start-up expansion for the next 12 months. If you’re designing and developing mobile apps, chances are you have to face huge competition. To stay visible in the app store crowd you’ll need much more than unique design and great user reviews. Below you can see 3 reasons why localisation can help your start-up grow, not only in the next few months, but on the long-term.

1. Reaching out to more users

Localisation and translation of a mobile app into selected languages will make your product available to more users across the world. The good news is that you don’t have to invest heavily to localise your app into 10 or more languages in one go. You can introduce new app versions gradually, starting from the biggest markets or languages you think will bring more return on investment. If your app was developed in English, start from 2 or 3 languages, such as Russian, Chinese or Spanish, depending on your target market. Careful selection of the localisation languages will help you reach the right users and increase your revenue. So, before you jump straight into the action and localise your app to several languages, carry out a simple market research to determine the right locales for your mobile product.

Localization of mobile apps

2. Increasing online exposure

Once your app is available in several languages, you’re also very likely to increase your download numbers, which is a very important factor in the app store rankings. With higher download numbers and more user reviews, your start-up will gain more online exposure. Your website and social media profiles will start attracting more visitors, which in turn leads to more recognition and better brand position. Now, this will be the time to intensify your business expansion by publishing a new app or localising your app to new markets. To fully cater for the needs of your users, ensure that your app store descriptions, in-app videos and graphics are adapted to your target users as well.


3. Ensuring more business opportunities

An increased exposure, both in the online and offline world, means that you’ll have more chances for great partnerships or business opportunities. Localisation will help you stand out from the competitors or establish your start-up in the markets where your competitors are not active.  With more revenue coming from the localised versions you’ll also be able to invest in new projects or new app development. By expanding your business and gaining momentum in many markets across the world, you’ll leave the start-up phase quicker and become a mature and established brand.

There might be many ways that lead to expanding, marketing and developing your mobile app start-up. Localisation will help you build your path to a quicker market entry, enabling your start-up to reach a higher app store ranking and more user reviews.

How are you planning to expand your start-up in 2017? Is localisation on your priority list?

About the author: Dorota Pawlak
Dorota Pawlak is a localization consultant for digital and Web 3.0 brands. She enjoys helping businesses enter new markets and is passionate about cultures, languages, and technology.

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