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Do you want to communicate effectively with your partners and customers across the world? We can help you ensure that your presentations and negotiations run smoothly, regardless of your target audience.

Cultural adaptation and localisation

Reaching out to new customers, especially with a different cultural and linguistic background, can be a challenging task. To tap into a new market and win the loyalty and trust of your prospects you’ll need to understand their context and perspective.  We will help you culturally adapt your materials and digital content, such as website, presentations or marketing brochures to increase the engagement of your target audience and to ensure that your message is aligned with the cultural values, needs and expectations of your target market.

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Intercultural communication consulting

Without cross-cultural awareness working and doing business in a global marketplace can lead to many misunderstandings, lost opportunities or poor customer relations. To increase your chances of success you’ll need communication strategies that include cultural differences between you and your audience. We’ll help you find the right approaches to interact with your clients or partners abroad. By analysing your actions and comparing them against your desired goals, we’ll help you adjust your online and offline communication to the context of your target group.

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Intercultural communication training

To fully understand how your business partners, customers or employees you’ll need much more than the common language. You have to know their cultural values, communication styles and negotiation patterns to avoid painful faux pas and severe disappointment. In our seminars and training we will provide you with effective strategies for cross-cultural communication and help you understand how specific cultures think, work, interact or manage their time. The training will be tailored to your business, your goals and expectations.

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